Soup of the day $6 bowl $4 cup
Classic french onion soup $6 bowl $4 cup
Hot crab dip, grilled garlic toast $10
Fried creek shrimp and calamari, asiago, pickled banana pepper, lemon butter $10
Portabella mushroom, topped with spinach, onion, asiago and provolone, marinara $8
Tuna tartare, avocado, cucumber, tobikko, wasabi mayo, sesame greens, fried wontons $11*
Lowcountry spring rolls, chicken, spinach, tasso ham, cheddar and jack cheese, fried, served with honey dijon $8
Cajun shrimp, tomatoes, scallions, spicy broth, crostini $9
Bacon wrapped chicken and jalapeño, mustard soy aioli, citrus marmalade $8
Four cheese fondue, roasted peppers, apple, smoked sausage, ciabatta, broccolini, fries $14


Soup of the Day $4 cup $6 bowl
Classic French onion soup $4 cup $6 bowl
Housemade yam chips  smoked tomato ranch $4
Crawfish au gratin fried zucchini, roasted red pepper sauce $10
Cajun shrimp tomatoes, scallions, spicy broth, crostini $9
Hot crab dip grilled garlic toast $10
Pork belly lettuce wraps bacon fried corn, green goddess, shiitake pickles $11*
Black bean cakes summer fruit salsa, cilantro lime créme fraîche $8
Lowcountry spring rolls chicken, spinach, tasso ham, cheddar and jack cheese, fried, served with honey dijon $8
Tuna tartare avocado, cucumber, tobikko, wasabi mayo, sesame greens, fried wontons $11*


Baby Lettuces fresh vegetables, dressing choice $5
Caesar romaine, caesar dressing, crouton, anchovy, parmesan crisp $6
Chopped iceberg, purple cabbage, carrot, tomato, Maytag blue cheese, heart of palm, capers, almond, cucumber, parmesan, mustard vinaigrette $6.50
Raspberry mixed greens, tomato, onion, pecans, feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette $6
Apple napa cabbage, peanut, radish, carrot, water chestnut, cilantro, mint, wontons, sprouts, Thai coconut curry dressing $10
Fried goat cheese spinach, carrot, celery, candied orange, celery root, quinoa, pumpkin seed, orange cranberry vinaigrette $11
Cajun chicken fried chicken, baby lettuces, tomato, onion, carrot, olive, spicy thousand island, tortilla bowl $10
Fried oyster spinach, purple cabbage, blackened green tomatoes, chopped egg, hot bacon vinaigrette $14
Oriental seafood shrimp, tuna, crab, soybean, cucumber, carrot, mixed greens, soy vinaigrette $15*
Roasted mushroom and beet mixed greens, pear, crispy onion, radish, Danish blue cheese, golden raisin, white balsamic vinaigrette $10


California shrimp roll crab, avocado, cucumber, teriyaki hoisen $9
Dynamite roll tuna, cucumber, cilantro, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, torched $8*
Everything roll tuna, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, scallion, with spicy crab salad $12*
Fried crab roll crab, cream cheese, scallion, soy mirin broth $7
Vegetable roll broccolini, celery root, carrot, avocado, cucumber, mustard soy aioli $6
General Tso roll fried chicken, carrot, scallion, broccoli, soy wrapper, sweet & spicy glaze $7


Small Plates
Grilled salmon parmesan risotto, peas, arugula, balsamic reduction, pancetta crisp $16
Butter poached lobster tail (4oz.) broccolini, sweety drop pepper, bacon, potato sauté, truffle vinaigrette, lemon butter $17
Seared sea scallops, brussels sprouts, turnips, cauliflower, roasted sweet potato, pickled red onion, mustard soy aioli $17
Sesame seared tuna (medium rare) spoon bread, bacon fried corn, chipotle, lime cream, cotija, wasabi cauliflower purée, soy bean shiitake sauté, crispy vegetable spring roll, sweet onion ginger marmalade, hoisen $24
Lump crab cake, hoppin’ john, spinach, sundried tomato, red pepper cream, chow chow $15
Roasted chicken and red pepper crêpe bacon three cheese cream, mashed potatoes, broccolini  $13
Duck confit melt bacon sharp cheddar, pickled banana pepper, black pepper aioli, sourdough bread, fries $14*
Certified Angus Beef hamburger, American cheese, bacon, fried pickles, grilled onions, fancy sauce, brioche roll, fries $12*
Large Plates
Vegetable rice noodle bowl, roasted vegetable dashi, carrot, celery root, brussel sprouts, turnips, poached egg, shiitake pickles (add chicken $5 add shrimp $7)
Lobster, shrimp, and scallop au gratin fried zucchini boat, mashed potatoes $27
Sautéed shrimp and sausage jalapeńo grit cake, chargrilled vegetables, tasso gravy $18
Fried Seafood Sampler Oyster, scallop, shrimp, flounder, Southern slaw, french fries $25
Chargrilled marinated chicken breast, paparadelle pasta, shiitake and portablello mushroom, garden pea, pearl onion, roasted garlic cream $17
NC Cheshire pork osso bucco, mashed sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, turnips, natural reduction $24
Filet of beef red wine mushroom butter sauce, broccolini, bacon pimento cheese twice baked potato $29*
Chargrilled Certified Angus Beef Ribeye blue cheese scallion butter, fried onion rings, roasted chive and crème Fraiche new potatoes $29*
Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin hashbrown casserole, cranberry, onion, and apple sauté, maple bourbon glaze $22


Lump crab cake $10
Grilled Shrimp $7
Grilled scallops (3) $10
Fried Oysters $7
Jalapeno grit cake $4
Fried Onion Rings $4
French Fries $4
Sauteed Spinach $4
Bacon fried corn $4
Mac-n-cheese noodle cake $4
 › $ 3.00 Split Plate Charge • 18% Gratuity may be added to parties of 6 or more • Smoke-free facility
Contains ingredients that are raw or undercooked.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.